Values-based Wellbeing

Values-based wellbeing is a new approach to achieving wellbeing in and through the classroom. It is based on aligning students' academic and wellbeing outcomes with their needs and capacities.

It combines the latest scientific understanding of how the brain works with decades of experience through Values-based Education of what works in practice.

Values-based wellbeing has three streams, each of which has its distinct role within a school setting.

A scientifically researched and practically applied whole school approach to wellbeing. It is best suited to schools that want to promote the wellbeing of all its students and staff.

A free tool for schools with students with particularly challenging  needs and who may be unable to access appropriate professional support. It is based on techniques developed by special needs schools.

A series of courses for students based on scientific research into brain development. It is used by schools who want to empower their students to take responsibility for their own wellbing.