Wellbeing in the Classroom

Wellbeing in the classroom is based on a combination of the research complied by the globally renowned child-psychologist Andrew Fuller with over twenty years of experience in values-based schools with stregthening wellbeing.


The basis of the approach

This short video sets out the scientific underpinning of the approach that improves wellbeing and, indirectly, academic outcomes. Teachers watching this video will establish a base from which to understand how to implement the appoach in the particular circumstances of their class

It introduces the six pillars of the approach, each of which is explained below.

The Six Pillars

This picture is of the six pillars and how schools can implement them.

Generally, schools will focus on one or two of the pillars that address their most pressing issues before extending progressively to the remaining pillars.


Here are some articles written by Andrew Fuller to help teachers understand aspects of wellbeing.